Active Petitions

Petition: New ferry terminal or other high-capacity public transport service for Montague Road

Brisbane City Council has again failed to include funding for a ferry terminal near Victoria St, West End in its annual budget, and has also neglected to include it in the draft of its 10-year Local Government Infrastructure Plan. The council's Local Government Infrastructure Plan has just gone out for public consultation, and will then need to be signed off by the State Government.

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Petition: Trial 40km/h Speed Limits in Brisbane's Inner-South Side

Too many lives are lost in preventable road accidents. Too many people choose to drive because they don’t feel safe riding or walking. As the population of Brisbane’s inner-south side grows, we need to make our roads safer for all modes of transport, but particularly for pedestrians and cyclists.

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Petition: For A New Masterplan of Riverside Drive 

West End Riverside Lands Park (known to most people as ‘Riverside Drive’) is one of the heaviest used parks in the inner-city, both as a transport corridor and as a space for active recreation and leisurely walks.

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