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12+ storey Development Application for 107 to 117 Jane St, West End

A development application has been lodged for the site at 107 to 117 Jane St, West End, directly opposite Davies Park.

In some respects, this proposal actually achieves reasonably good outcomes from an architectural perspective, and is better designed than many of the highrises we've seen popping up around Brisbane.

My core concerns are that the building will cast long shadows on the park and particularly on Jane St Community Garden. I'm also concerned that building an additional 184 carparking spaces on Jane St will lead to further traffic congestion in this area.

The two proposed towers are 12 storey buildings, but some of the levels are actually twice the height of a normal residential storey. There's also substantial built structures on the roofs, meaning that the true height and the shadows cast by these buildings will be more like 15 or 16-storey towers.

I encourage residents to put in a submission raising concerns about the traffic impacts and overshadowing. Personally I don't object to the development altogether, but I'm concerned that the height and the amount of carparking is a bit excessive.

You can view the plans at this link.

You can make a submission via this link.

Because this is being treated as a code assessable development application, there will be no public notification, and council will make a decision relatively quickly unless there is strong feedback from the community.

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