July 17, 2018: Local Issues Survey💡and New Developments

Dear neighbours,

I want your feedback.

One of the most consistent complaints I hear from residents is that councillors/the council administration doesn't listen to them. The big difficulty I have as a councillor is that I have 50 000 residents to represent, but nowhere near enough time to have meaningful one-on-one conversations with all of those people to pick their brains, understand their needs and work out how best to represent everyone's views.

So I've launched a local issues survey to give more people another avenue for input.

The responses to this survey will influence what issues I prioritise and will also give me more data which I can use in debates with other councillors/the council bureaucracy.

Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey. All questions are optional so you can skip the issues that don't interest you.

This is the same survey that was linked to in a letter we sent out a couple of weeks ago, so you don't need to fill it out twice, but please forward it to neighbours and encourage them to fill it out too.

I really really value this feedback and will be paying a lot of attention to the results. I know people get surveyed all the time about all sorts of things, and sometimes you feel like no-one's really listening, but in this case I am very very interested to know what you think.

New developments

As you’re probably aware, there are new development applications (DAs) popping up around the Gabba Ward all the time. Some of these aren’t so bad, while others are overly bulky and/or poorly designed.

If you want to stay updated about DAs in your area, I very strongly encourage you to sign up for email alerts via www.planningalerts.org.au. You can also check out this reasonably up-to-date interactive map of current development applications throughout the city.

I particularly wanted to draw residents’ attention to the 11-storey development at 52 Annerley Rd, Woolloongabba (lodge a submission via this link), and to the 12 and 13-storey towers proposed for 46 O’Connell St, Kangaroo Point (view plans and lodge a submission via this link).

I also have concerns about the new development application lodged just last week for 8-10 Amersham St, West End. This is a 6-storey apartment block (which isn’t necessarily too bad), but it’s built quite close to the boundaries and the height limit on this site is only 3 storeys. I think it’s important that all developers are required to stick closely to the city plan, rather than allowing ad hoc exemptions and different rules for different projects. This project includes 39 parking spaces, which will increase traffic pressures on Amersham, Ambleside, Jane and Horan Streets. You can view plans and make a submission at this link. If a developer is building higher than the neighbourhood plan allows, they should at least be including affordable public housing or useable public green space as part of the project.

Buranda Park Mini-Festival

Our community design process for the park at the corner of Carl St and Tottenham St, Woolloongabba is kicking up a notch. On Saturday, 18 August, from noon to sunset, we’re holding a free community festival in the park with music, a free BBQ and a range of consultation activities so you can give input regarding the future design of the park.

If you’d like to run your own activity in the park on that day, perform a set or share some artwork, please get in touch. We’d love to have more local residents and community groups involved!

You can RSVP via this link and/or invite friends through the Facebook event.

4101 Residential Parking Scheme

Our office is still waiting for further details from Brisbane City Council about the rollout of the resident permit parking scheme in the southern half of West End and Highgate Hill.

Here’s what the council told me last week:

  • They will be meeting with me 'soon' to present a draft plan of the proposed parking rules for each street
  • They will make changes to this draft in accordance with my requests
  • They will show me a 'final draft' shortly before releasing it publicly
  • They will publish the 'final draft' which residents will then be able to comment on for a couple of weeks before the physical signage is installed and the new scheme is rolled out

Council has not given me clear dates or timelines for any of these steps.

Here’s what I intend to do:

  • As soon as council shows me the draft plan, I will request changes in accordance with the resident survey responses, and publicly raise any concerns I have if the draft plan does not match the feedback we’ve received via our survey and previous public meetings
  • I will hold a couple of public meetings explaining the proposed changes, sharing the results of the surveys, taking questions from residents and seeing if there’s anything further that has been overlooked
  • I will then give further feedback to council requesting any extra changes before their final draft goes public
  • If their final draft goes public and does not adequately reflect the community’s wishes and needs, we will ‘make a fuss’ so to speak, but I’m optimistic that that won’t be necessary

It’s useful to understand that even once signage is installed and the parking rules on some streets are changed, it’s relatively easy to make further changes down the track.

We’ve recently had a few other requests to change parking rules (such as to prevent large trucks from parking long-term beside Orleigh Park) which we will hold off on in order to implement them at the same time as all the other new parking signage is installed around the suburb.

That’s all I know at this stage, but I’ll let you know as soon as I receive more information.


Below you can find details of a bunch of other local events and projects. Even if you don’t live in the immediate near vicinity of the Carl St Park in Woolloongabba, I do hope you’ll come along to the mini-festival on 18 August to share your thoughts on how it should be redesigned. In the same way that Bunyapa Park in West End has become a hub for community events, this park will probably end up serving residents from across the inner-south side, so the more people who give feedback during the design process, the better.

Warm regards,


Upcoming Events


The Audiopollen Social Club presents Vomit Cabaret 4 - Time

Thu, 19 Jul, 6:30pm-11:00pm
East Brisbane Bowls Club

All proceeds from Vomit Cabaret 4 will go towards time travel research. No seconds will be harmed. The following will contribute life force, as mediated by Viv of Backbone Theatre  Facebook event ▸


Kurilpa Naidoc Cocktail Party

Fri, 20 Jul, 7:00pm
Loft (above Archive), Boundary St, West End

2018 NAIDOC Celebration for ""Because of Her, We Can"" -- Canapes, Raffles, DJs-- Hosted by Lizzie Orley (98.9fm Radio Announcer) -- Keynote Speakers: Murrawah Johnson, Amy McQuire and Serena Bulmer -- DJ Leon Petrou (Indigi-Briz, 4ZZZ). Tickets $50 ▸ | Facebook event ▸


Picnic Party Re-launch for Rainbow Families QLD!

Sun, 22 Jul, 10:00am-1:00pm
Mowbray Park / East Brisbane Bowls Club

Rainbow Families Qld represents and advocates on behalf of LGBTQIA parents and prospective parents across Queensland. Join their re-launch party in Brisbane. Formalities will be kicking of at 11 with a welcome to country from Aunty Dawn Daylight, followed by speeches, drag story time with Carmen and Cookie, and then live music and a yarning circle.   Facebook event ▸


Colloquia Sundays: Blockchain Will Save Us?

Sun, 22 Jul, 3:00pm-5:00pm
Wandering Cooks, Cnr Fish Lane & Cordelia Street, South Brisbane

Join our panelists, Katrina Donaghy (Civic Ledger), Prof. Marcus Foth (Urban Informatics, QUT) and Jonathan Sri (Greens Councillor), as they help us unpack the buzz around blockchain and speculate how we might design futures with blockchain technology at our service. Tickets $15 ▸ | Facebook event ▸


Decolonize Your Body: Brisbane / Meanjin Land Open Mic

Mon, 23 Jul, 6:00pm-8:00pm
Metro Arts, 109 Edward Street, Brisbane City

Join us at Decolonize Your Body: an evening of art and performance exploring the reclamation of our bodies from colonial and eurocentric expectations. Presented in collaboration with Voices of Colour, Decolonize Your Body aims to explore issues such as racialized violence, eurocentric beauty standards and reclamation of identity through artwork and performances by people of colour.  Facebook event ▸


Buranda State School Centenary Gala Reunion Celebration

Sat, 28 Jul, 6:00pm-11:00pm
Buranda State School Centenary Gala Reunion Celebration

Buranda State School Centenary: A chance to celebrate and recount the history of a hundred years of learning and community. Tickets $59.82 ▸ | Facebook event ▸


Benefit Concert for Gaza Palestine and Middle Eastern Dinner

Sat, 28 Jul, 7:00pm-9:30pm
Kurilpa Hall, 174 Boundary St, West End

Benefit Concert (including Middle Eastern Dinner). All proceeds to Union Aid Abroad - APHEDA’s Gaza Emergency Appeal to support relief efforts for the people of Palestine. Featuring Phil Monsour - Songs for Palestine and the amazing Al Zayton Dabke Troupe. Tickets $10-$25 ▸ | Facebook event ▸


Buranda Park Mini-Festival

Sat, 18 Aug, 12:00pm–5:00pm
34 Tottenham St, Woolloongabba

We're holding a mini-festival in the park at the corner of Carl St and Tottenham St in Woolloongabba, partly just to bring people together, and partly because we want to involve residents in a community design process to expand and transform this under-appreciated public space.  Facebook event ▸