July 31, 2018: Park Upgrades ⛲ Survey Update, Kangaroo Point and 📅 What's On

Dear neighbours,

Sadly, it’s all too rare in Brisbane for residents to be given a meaningful say in how our neighbourhoods change and evolve. But right now, you have the opportunity to influence major redesign projects for two parks in the Gabba Ward, and I warmly encourage you to seize this rare chance.

Unnamed Park, Buranda/Woolloongabba

In response to sustained pressure from my office, council has increased the amount of funding allocated towards the expansion and redesign of the park at the corner of Carl St and Tottenham St, Woolloongabba, across the road from the Buranda Village shops. The available project budget is $1.1 million to upgrade this green space, and we need to decide how to spend it.

On Saturday, 18 August, we’re holding Buranda ParkFest - a community festival in this park with live music, workshops, stalls and a range of opportunities for residents to give input regarding both the design and the name of the park. If you belong to a community group that would like to host a stall or run an activity in the park as part of this event, please get in touch.

The festival kicks off at 12:30pm with a free vegetarian BBQ, and will run through to sunset. Regardless of where you live, everyone is welcome to attend and share your ideas.

Normally, council just surveys/’consults’ residents, but in this case, we’re using a more collaborative participatory design process to empower ordinary people and give you more control over the outcome. Please get involved and have your say. Check out the event details and workshop times or invite friends to the Facebook event.

Davies Park, West End

Brisbane City Council is running a consultation process for upgrades to Davies Park. Unlike the approach my office is taking with the park in Woolloongabba, this is more of a stock-standard consultation where residents have a lot less influence over the end result, however I still think it’s worthwhile taking the time to engage with it.

You can view the draft concept design and give feedback via this survey. You can read some of my comments on Facebook regarding the proposed design.

I’ve told council that I do not support relocating the Jane St Community Garden, but that I support most other aspects of the proposal. I would like to see a stage installed in the open space near the corner of Jane St and Montague, similar to Bunyapa Park but with a less ostentatious shelter design.

This park upgrade is also a great opportunity to create a skate park in West End, so I encourage residents to write in with the feedback that the ‘Multi-Use Games Area’ identified in the draft plan should be designed as a skate facility with ramps, half-pipes etc. We still have time to push for changes to council’s draft plans, so if you’d like to see something different to what’s proposed, now is the time to speak up.

Local Issues Survey

I’m currently surveying residents to understand your perspective on a range of local issues, and how you believe I should be allocating my time and resources. So far almost 1000 residents have completed the survey, and the results have been quite interesting. For example, a lot of residents have said that improving public transport coverage and reliability is much more of a priority than increasing the supply of street parking. We’ve seen mixed support for lowering speed limits, and surprisingly high support for the construction of more inner-city public housing.

There’s still time to let me know what you think, so please fill out the survey via this link if you haven’t already done so. So far, the the majority of survey responses have been from West End, Highgate Hill and Woolloongabba, whereas Kangaroo Point, South Brisbane, East Brisbane and Dutton Park are still slightly under-represented, so if you live in those suburbs I encourage you to forward the survey link on to your neighbours as well.

Kangaroo Point is going to get a lot more crowded

We’re now approaching crunch time for the next stage of the Kangaroo Point Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan process. We need as many residents as possible to write to the Minister for Planning, Cameron Dick (email [email protected]) and to Lord Mayor Graham Quirk (email [email protected]) to clearly state your objections to the plan.

My main concerns are that the draft plan is significantly increasing height limits and population density in many parts of Kangaroo Point, but is not increasing the amount of public green space or community facilities to cater for this growing population. The local transport network is also unable to cope with the projected population growth, as we’ve had chronic under-investment in safe pedestrian routes and public transport services, compounded by the failure to complete key infrastructure projects like the footbridge to the city and the riverwalk around to Mowbray Park. The problem is not population growth itself, but the lack of investment in public infrastructure and services, and the excessively bulky and tall style of development that’s being permitted.

If residents don’t speak up now, we are likely to see many more 20 and 25-storey towers approved around the Kangaroo Point Peninsula over the next few years.


Finally, I thought I should let everyone know that I’m currently advertising for a 1 day/week paid role at my office, with a specific focus on anti-racism community campaign organising. Read the job description for more details.

That’s about it for now. You can find details about a range of other upcoming community events below.

Warm regards,


Upcoming Events


Film Screening - Argentina's Ibera Wetlands

Sat, 04 Aug, 6:30pm
Kurilpa Hall, Boundary Street, West End

Do you have the travel bug? Love nature? Are passionate about community? Come with us and enjoy a journey through the Argentinian wetlands of Ibera, and the stories of the ordinary but inspirational people of Concepcion 


Hiroshima and Nagasaki: 73 Years On - Commemoration Dinner

Sat, 11 Aug, 6:30pm
West End Garden, 190 Melbourne St

This dinner commemorates 73 years since the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. Join us for a night of great food and hear from two internationally known speakers: Dr Joseph Gerson and Dr Donna Weeks. Tickets $35/$30 conc ▸ | Facebook event ▸


Hiroshima and Nagasaki: 73 Years On - Open Air Forum

Sun, 12 Aug, 11:00am
Maiwar Green (beside GOMA)

Join us at this open air forum on the Maiwar Green beside the Gallery of Modern Art to hear what two highly esteemed speakers have to say 73 years on from the tragedy of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombings. Facebook event ▸


Brisbane Sings 2018

Sun, 12 Aug, 5:00pm - 7:30pm

500 voices from Brisbane community choirs and schools, performing individually and together a range of numbers and guest appearances. A great night of singing whilst promoting and raising money for our charity partner this year, Mummy’s Wish. Tickets via QPAC ▸


Harmony Singing Bootcamp

Sat, 18 Aug, 10:30am - 3:30pm
St Andrews Church Hall, 160 Vulture St

Learn the art of A Cappella singing in a day! Singers of Brisbane... if you like to sing, whether it's in the car, in the shower or just among friends then this event is for you! Tickets $40 ▸


Buranda Park Mini-Festival

Sat, 18 Aug, 12:00pm–5:00pm
34 Tottenham St, Woolloongabba

We're holding a mini-festival in the park at the corner of Carl St and Tottenham St in Woolloongabba, partly just to bring people together, and partly because we want to involve residents in a community design process to expand and transform this under-appreciated public space.  Facebook event ▸


M4R Quiz Night for Refugees

Sat, 18 Aug, 5:30pm
Newmarket Bowls Club, Ashgrove

It's on again. We had such a yummy and fun night last year and raised loads of money for refugees that we're doing it again. A fantastic night of quizzing awaits you. Proceeds will go towards supporting people seeking asylum in the Brisbane community.  Tickets $35 ▸ | Facebook event ▸