Upcoming community meetings and events

Dear residents,

I’m organising quite a few meetings and activities over the next few weeks, so I wanted to make sure these are all on your radar.

If you can’t make it along to this weekend’s meeting about the Jane Street highrises, please at least take a moment to make a submission raising your concerns about how these towers will overshadow the park and the community garden.

Community Meeting: Highrise threat to Jane St Community Garden
Where: Jane St Community Garden
When: 10am, Saturday 15 September

Aria have lodged an application for two 16-storey highrise towers at 105 to 117 Jane St, West End, directly across the road from the community garden in Davies Park. The site is only zoned for 12 storeys (not 16), and the proposed plans also include 184 carparks, which will generate far more traffic than the already-congested Jane Street can reasonably handle.

My biggest concern is that these towers immediately to the north of Davies Park will overshadow the community garden, robbing it of sunlight and making it harder for plants to flourish. This project has been lodged as a 'code assessable' development application, which means there will be no public notification period and council will make a decision relatively quickly.

Please come along to a community meeting at Jane St Community Garden this Saturday at 10am to understand what's proposed and strategise as to how we can push back against these plans. We probably won't be able to stop the development altogether, but a strong community response should help knock a few storeys off the height and ensure the towers are sufficiently set back from the street to minimise shadows on the park.

You can view the plans at this link. Whether or not you can make it this weekend, please take a moment to lodge a submission by clicking the blue 'Lodge Submission' button at this link and expressing your concerns that the buildings are too tall, too bulky and too close to the park.

You can invite friends via this Facebook event.

Buranda Park Community Design Workshop

This Saturday afternoon (15 September), residents will be meeting to finalise a draft concept plan for the unnamed park at the corner of Carl St and Tottenham St, Woolloongabba, drawing together all the feedback we’ve received from the community over the last few months, and deciding where in the park different features will be located.

If you’re really keen to be involved in this process, but you missed our meeting last Saturday, please call or email my office, so we can send you through the meeting notes from previous workshops and explain how you can get involved.



Community Planting Day in East Brisbane
Where: Traffic island at the corner of Walter Avenue and Hilton St, East Brisbane
When: Saturday, 22 September, 8am to 11am

We need as many volunteers as possible next Saturday morning (22 September) to help plant up the Walter Avenue traffic island adjacent to Norman Creek with native vegetation. We will primarily be planting shrubs and groundcovers to provide additional habitat for native fauna. If you have any seedlings that you feel might be appropriate for this location, feel free to bring them along. Please also bring hats, water bottles, gloves, watering cans and gardening tools if you have them. If anyone wants to bring along some snacks to share for morning tea, that would also be greatly appreciated.

If you think you’ll make it, please RSVP via email. You can also invite friends via Facebook. Note that this event will be rescheduled if it’s raining heavily.


Community meeting: What's next for the Broadway Hotel site?
Where: Woolloongabba Substation - 45 Logan Rd (corner of Jurgens St), Woolloongabba
When: Saturday, 22 September, 4pm to 5:30pm

Come along to a community meeting to get up to speed with what’s happening on the Broadway Hotel site. There are lots of questions, but accurate answers are a bit harder to pin down. I’ll be sharing everything I know, and facilitating a community conversation about what we should be pushing for and what further actions we should take.

If you think you’ll make it, please RSVP via email. You can also invite friends via Facebook.This venue has wheelchair access and a disabled access toilet.



Community Meeting: parking on Baynes, Colville, & Ewart Streets
Where: Cnr Colville St & Jones St, Highgate Hill
When: Wednesday, 26 September, 5:30pm to 6:30pm

This is a small, localised meeting to discuss how we proceed as a community in response to council cracking down on people parking on footpaths.

Local motorists please note: the Jones St section of this intersection might need to be closed to through traffic for the duration of our meeting depending on numbers.

If you think you’ll make it, please RSVP via email. You can also invite friends via Facebook.

West End People's Assembly: Commercialisation of Public Space
Where: Bunyapa Park - Corner Thomas and Vulture Streets, West End
When: Saturday, 29 September, 3:30pm to 6pm

Public spaces in Brisbane are becoming increasingly commercialised by advertising and for-profit business activities. This happens in a whole range of ways, including:
- visual advertising via billboards, bus shelters etc
- closing off streets and parks for private for-profit events
- markets in public parks
- food trucks and coffee vans
- footpath dining

Some of these encroachments are relatively harmless, or even create positive outcomes, while others can undermine the amenity and usefulness of such spaces.

We're holding a people's assembly to discuss these issues specifically in terms of South Brisbane, West End and Highgate Hill (I will hold similar meetings in other neighbourhoods if there's strong demand from residents).

While my office doesn't have a huge amount of control over all of these issues, we do have a bit of influence over some of them (for example, we are regularly asked whether we support footpath dining applications, and our response tends to carry some weight with council).

Please join us for a free vego BBQ and circle discussion to unpack what the local community thinks about the commodification of public space and to guide my decision-making as your local councillor.

3:30pm - 5:30pm - circle discussion
5:30pm - free vego BBQ (BYO meat)

If you think you’ll make it, please RSVP via email. You can also invite friends via Facebook.


See you around the neighbourhood!