Basketball Hoop Along Riverside Drive

In response to multiple requests from local residents, funding has been allocated for a basketball hoop and shooter's box to be installed in the Riverside Drive Park between Ferry Rd and Rogers St.

The hoop will be positioned so that players aren't shooting towards the river or towards the bike path. If necessary, we can look at installing fencing or hedges as additional barriers down the track. The concrete slab will take up an area of approximately 6.7m x 9.225m, which is much smaller than a traditional half-court, and is less likely to be used for actual games and more likely to be used to simply practice shooting. No lights will be installed, so it is unlikely the court will be used much at night.


This hoop is primarily intended to serve the needs of local residents living west of Montague Road, south of Victoria St and north of Forbes St. Another proper half-court has been installed at Musgrave Park, and we are currently exploring options to install a full-size court somewhere in West End.

We've explored several locations and options for the hoop. Due to the need to avoid trees, flooding, underground pipes and cables etc, this was the only viable location in this part of West End. This means that either the hoop will be installed at this location, or it won't be installed at all (we invite suggestions for alternative locations, but we have already considered all other open spaces along this part of the river).

The purpose of this poll is to more accurately gauge public support/opposition to the proposed basketball hoop, but the outcome of this poll is not intended to be binding.

The survey question is obviously quite basic and straightforward, so if you have further comments or questions you are warmly invited to email us at

Please note: We are requesting contact and location details so we can provide further info to residents if necessary, and so we have an idea of where respondents live. We are primarily interested in the perspectives of residents who live in this part of West End, but we will also take into account the responses of residents who live further away but might visit Riverside Drive on a regular basis.

Do you support a hoop and a 6.7m x 9.2m concrete slab (a shooter's box) being installed at this location?