Community Meeting: parking on Baynes, Colville, & Ewart Streets

Recently there have been a number of complaints made by residents of Baynes St, Colville St, and Ewart St about cars parked with two wheels up on the footpath. This has prompted Council Parking Inspectors to issue warning tickets to offending cars.

My office has been able to prevent Council from issuing fines for the time being. However since there continue to be complaints made from residents about the parking situation, Council has advised that they cannot honour the old agreement to overlook wheel-up parked cars indefinitely .

This community meeting will be an opportunity for residents to discuss the situation and come up with possible short term response and long term solutions.

Location: corner Colville St & Jones St, Highgate Hill

Local motorists please note: the Jones St section of this intersection might need to be closed to through traffic for the duration of our meeting depending on numbers.


September 26, 2018 at 5:30pm - 6:30pm

Will you come?