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Media Release: Greens call on State Government to ban property developer donations in line with Belcarra Report recommendations

Councillor Jonathan Sri has welcomed the Crime and Corruption Commission’s Belcarra Report as a valuable win after years of campaigning by the Greens and other community groups to crack down on political corruption in local government.

“When I was elected in 2016, one of my major campaign platforms was banning property developer donations, because they distort and corrupt our democratic processes. It’s good to see the Crime and Corruption Commission backing me up on this.”

“The Belcarra Report has confirmed the corrupting influence donations have over local councils, and there’s no reason why these recommended reforms shouldn’t be adopted at a state and local level immediately.”

“Property developer donations corrupt and undermine every level of government, not just local. In my own electorate, West Village developers Wingate Property donated $50,000 to Qld Labor in the same year they received a favourable call-in decision from the Deputy Premier.”

This is exactly why we need Green voices in state parliament, because Labor and the LNP stand to lose thousands of dollars in donations if we adopt these reforms at a state level. The Queensland Greens have already committed to refusing all corporate donations this election, including from property developers.

“Often, donations are used not as direct bribes, but to build alliances and gain access to elite networks of influence.”

“I call on the Queensland Government to ban political donations from property developers and related entities immediately.”

Property developer donations were banned down in NSW after sustained pressure from the NSW Greens, who hold seats at both local and state government levels.

“But simply banning corporate donations isn’t enough,” Councillor Sri says. “Concentrating government decision-making power in the hands of a few privileged elites always creates the potential for corruption, so we also need to decentralise power and give ordinary residents more input into major council decisions.”


For interviews, contact Councillor Sri on 3403 2165 or Amy MacMahon on 0488199015


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