Should we expand the Woolloongabba dog park?

The dog off-leash area (DOLA) in Woolloongabba Rotary Park is incredibly popular, and serves as an important community meeting space. Currently, the DOLA has an area of approximately 2900m2. The total area of the park is approximately 15,800m2 and the fenced area takes up the very centre of the park.

Some residents have requested that the existing fenced area be separated into two sections - one for smaller dogs and one for larger dogs. Others have suggested that the DOLA should be expanded so there's more room.

When designing DOLAs, it's important to not locate fence-lines too close to other uses like footpaths and playing fields. It's also important that the aesthetic beauty of the park isn't broken up by too much fencing. In Woolloongabba Rotary Park, flooding concerns also influence where fencing can be positioned.

Expanding the dog off-leash area would take space away from other park users. We are interested in whether residents think the dog off-leash area should be expanded, or whether the current size strikes the right balance with other park uses.

Remember: when you expand a dog off-leash area, that will also attract more dog owners to come and use it.

Once we have decided whether there is enough support for changing the dog park, we will look in further detail at what design options and layouts might be feasible.

Obviously any changes we make will cost money, and with a limited parks budget, we also need to think about what other improvements around the Gabba Ward this money could be spent on. My personal view as the local councillor is that the current size is about right, and that it wouldn't be worth spending thousands of dollars on additional fencing just to make slight increases to size of the DOLA, but I'm happy to be guided by the views of local residents.

If you have other comments or suggestions about the dog park, you're of course always welcome to send us an email at 




This poll and the information you provide will guide the decision-making of the local councillor, but it is not a binding vote. Further decision-making forums like public meetings and discussions with nearby neighbours might be organised if there is substantial interest in making changes to the current design.

To guard against fraudulent votes, we check names and addresses against our local council database (which includes the electoral roll). We are also interested in address data so we can understand who is using the park and how far away you are travelling from. We will give less weight to poll responses that omit a name/address.

We will use your contact details to provide further updates about this park and other local issues, but we will not pass your contact info on to third parties.

Should we expand or change the dog off-leash area in Woolloongabba Rotary Park?