Carl St Park Community Feedback


Feedback was obtained from:

  1. Redesign Workshop in the Park, 2nd June 2018.
  2. Surveys delivered to approximately 700 homes around Carl St Park & verbal responses from door knocking homes during May 2018.


Workshop in the Park - Saturday, 2nd June

Aspects of the local area relevant to the park:

Jack’s house practically self-sufficient – fantastic old fashioned garden which should be kept (always some beautiful flower that surprises you coming up all year round in the front yard; chickens, bees, pawpaws in the backyard).

Children in units, the hospital, major cycle route along O’Keefe St and the local history of the area (Shopping centre is site of former Ipswich Road Tram Depot at Buranda).

Public space is a place to:

- relax - sitting, lunch, unwind, sit in the sun;

- meet - for hospital patients and apartments for visitors, to meet friends and make new friends, for all ages;

- gather around activities;

- rehabilitate (patients);

- get in touch with nature with nature;

- grow our own food; and

- be green– a city needs breathing space, so do birds.

Memories of enjoying parks

We shared memories about what we enjoyed doing in the outdoors; then, trying to imagine what that might mean for our park.

Special memories of being outdoors:

- Nature - camping, getting ‘lost’ in nature (feeling free, looking at the sky…), exploring the forest (watching bees and bugs), tadpoling.

- Getting into the sunlight.

- Meeting/playing with friends -  picnic in the park with extended family, BBQ’s.

- Alone time, reading.

- Gardening.

- Watching movies outdoors, forums in the park, free community meals, markets.

- Learning to ride a bike, walking, jogging, meditation, stretching, sport, exercise.

Imagining what this might mean to our new park:

- Like an old backyard - Jack’s ‘corner’ with beautiful plants and old home, mango tree, mulberry tree, etc.

- Protect sunny spots - consider highrise to come

- Incorporate play into journey, bike path that loops around, place to explore (discovery paths), not one big space, hills to roll down (and for view, buffer from hospital noise, privacy from the street), music play (like sound pipes), an old tram, big kid/adult swings, water play, a simple walk through the park.

- Make park a place of activities - village square with a School of Arts, future community gardens, hang-out space, tennis court, exercise equipment.

- Reuse existing unit building toilets, kitchen garden, community kitchen, covered BBQ area, street art.

- Plenty of seating, toilet, Wi-Fi/charging spot, lights under trees (not super bright), solar power and hot water suitable for events (e.g. Festivals, markets, poetry nights).


Survey Results

Public space is important:

- As a place to spend time with family/friends in nature - escape from concrete jungle.

- To create a sense of community.

- To improve health and relax through interaction with nature.

- When shopping nearby to have something for the kids to do

- To pets.

The park is used for:

- Walking thorough, gathering, sitting, resting, sleeping, eating, birdwatching, writing and reading, experiencing weather/nature, pets, smoking.

Changes people would like to see to the park:

- Gardens, more trees, pond/water feature.

- Seating, picnic facilities, bbq, gazebo, shaded areas, a quiet place for seniors, community billboards, play area/equipment, sporting facilities (basketball/netball hoop, table tennis table, volleyball net), exercise equipment.

- Bubblers, toilets.

- Limit traffic to safely access the park, better lighting covering all the park.

- Off-leash dog park/dog friendly park.

- Artwork.

- Something different.