River Access - Orleigh Park Dog Off Leash Area

With the temporary closure of the dog off leash area (DOLA) on Riverside Drive, the Orleigh park DOLA has been expanded to include a second fenced area. The original DOLA provides access to the river while the new DOLA does not.

My office has received reports of incidents where larger dogs have exhibited aggressive behavior towards smaller dogs. One suggestion to address this issue was to remove river access from the original DOLA. This would allow people to choose between the two DOLAs during busy times.

We can ask Council to install a gate between the lower DOLA and the river so owners can still let their dog access the river if necessary.

This is a non-binding poll to guide my decision making. Poll closes 30 November. If you have any further questions or comments please email the Gabba Ward Office at thegabba.ward@bcc.qld.gov.au.

As this image shows, there is currently no fence between the older dog off-leash area and the river.

Do you support completing the riverside fence on the Orleigh Park dog off leash area?