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Help amplify our message!

Our mayoral campaign isn't funded by big business - it's funded by ordinary people who support the Greens vision for a fairer, more sustainable city.

But with approximately 900,000 voters in the Brisbane City Council area, it costs a bit of money to reach everyone we need to talk to.

Our campaign is firmly committed to ensuring that decisions about how we spend the money we fundraise are made as ethically and democratically as possible. So if you have thoughts on what we should and shouldn't be spending money on in order to swing votes, let us know!

Right now, we're trying to raise enough money to produce letters which our dedicated volunteers will deliver to key target neighbourhoods across the city. While the majority of our campaign resources are dedicated to digital communication and directly talking to voters, for many residents, a traditional letter in the mailbox remains a highly effective means of communication.
Our fundraising target is $30 000. Can you help us get a letter out to voters?

$30,000 GOAL

$15,168.00 raised

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The first $1,500 of membership fees and/or donations to a political party from individuals in a financial year are tax deductible.

In any 6 month period all political donations inclusive of membership fees above $1000 must be disclosed to the Electoral Commission of Queensland.

Political donations from property developers are banned in Queensland. Breaches of these bans can be punished by significant fines or imprisonment. The ban includes donations from the spouse of property developers, from related organisations and from individuals with significant interests in corporations involved in property development. By making this donation you confirm that you do not fall within the definition of property developer under the Electoral Act. More information is available here.

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