Monthly Fun Casual Bike Ride 3.0

We are pretty stoked that the Brisbane City Council is finally putting in some real bike lanes along Annerley Road (Woolloongabba/Dutton Park) and along Stanley Street (Woolloongabba/South Brisbane). This will make many riders comutes from the inner Eastern/Southern suburbs to the city, significantly safer. Hurrah! 

But unfortunately for those comuting via bike to West End, there is a pretty major chunk of road missing from these plans: Vulture Street between the Mater Hospital and Boundary Street. 

We reckon as a main route for many cyclists, and what we imagine would also be a route for many more if it wasn't so dangerous, it could definitely do with a sperated bike lane. 

Join us for a regular monthly Friday afternoon mass bike ride to demonstrate to the Brisbane City Council the need for a seperated bike lane at this location. And well, because group bike rides are also very fun. 

We will be meeting outside of 267 Vulture Street (The Old Town Hall/public space across from the Mater Hospital), corner of Graham St and riding west along Vulture Street to Boundary Street. Then, for all interested, we will be grabbing a post-ride beer or two as a group at the Rumpus Room.

Bike riders of all shapes, sizes and skill levels are welcome. We will be having confident bike riders at the front and back of the pack with bike lights and high vis. 

The plan is to do this every second Friday of each month until we see a new bike lane. Come along, make some new friends and enjoy yourself all while making a political statement about the need for more cycling infrastructure 

The West Bicycle Users Group (West Bug) has made some concept drawings of what a bike lane along Vulture St could look like. You can check them out here


July 14, 2017 at 5:30pm - 6:30pm

Will you come?