Mycelium: An Urban Food Uprising (The Film)


Two local film-makers Christine Schindler and Nathan Gibson, in conjunction with our office, created a beautiful and inspiring short film profiling the local radical food activism projects our office supported.  This 12 minute film tells the story of how urban farms, community orchards, seedling hubs and edible verge gardens have proliferated around Kurilpa, Woolloongabba and Bennung-Urrung as a community response to crisis.

You can watch the full 12min film here


Recognised in Eight Film Festivals so far...

Mycelium has been accepted into eight national and International Film festivals, including the British Documentary Film Festival and the International Short Film Festival.  It won the award for 'Best Story' at the G Biennale film festival 2021 and  ‘Best film - Community’ at the West End Film Festival.



Organise a Screening

If you are interested in organising a film screening we can support the event with: a PA system, large outdoor screen and projector (for Brisbane), copies of the Zine (below), speakers and posters (below) and help with promotion.  If the screening is in Brisbane we may be able to supply PA equipment, projector and screen (including a 3.5 meter outdoor screen) and may be able to organise a speaker from the film or one of the Directors.

Mycelium Website - future film screenings & more Info. 

Mycelium Facebook Page - for current information


Downloadable Film Poster Here