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Tell Grace Grace: save East Brisbane State School!

East Brisbane State School, right next to the Gabba Stadium, is set to close if the government goes ahead with their ludicrous $2.7 billion Gabba redevelopment ahead of the 2032 Olympic Games. This is devastating news for the local community and for the many thousands of parents, teachers and students at the school. Despite immense pressure from the government, the local school community is committed to fighting for good state education in the catchment. 

After months of collecting feedback, writing to ministers and staging protests, the residents of East Brisbane and Kangaroo Point are now reaching out for solidarity from across the river. 

Get involved with the growing network of residents fighting to save their school, park and neighbourhood by joining us for a door knock and letterboxing session in New Farm. 


The state electorate of McConnel is represented by Grace Grace MP, the Minister for Education, who is responsible for making the final decision about the future of East Brisbane State School. We want to talk to residents in her electorate to put pressure on the State Government to oppose the permanent closure of a longstanding and well-loved local primary school for the purpose of a two week international sporting event. 

With support from  Amy MacMahon MP, Cr Jonathan Sriranganathan and Trina Massey, new volunteers will be paired up with experienced door knockers to hit the streets of New Farm and engage with as many residents as possible, either through conversation at the door or a leaflet left in the letterbox. 

We’ll start promptly at 2pm with a training before heading out for a couple of hours to engage locals. We’ll meet back for a debrief and further discussion and will wrap up the event at 5pm. Please bring a hat and a water bottle, and some snacks if you like. Materials, scripts and other tools will all be provided, no experience is required.

New Farm Park is accessible via a range of public transport routes including the 195 and 196 bus and New Farm Ferry Terminal.

If you have any questions about the event please reach out to the team at the Gabba Ward Office (3403 2165).

April 23, 2023 at 1:50pm - 5pm
New Farm Park
Brunswick St at Sydney Street stop 15
New Farm
Brisbane, QLD 4005
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Will you come?