Parks, public spaces and biodiversity

Community Voting 

Interested in having input on footpaths and parks in your area?

Our ward office has a discretionary budget for footpaths, park benches and minor landscaping here in the Gabba Ward. Over the last two years, to determine how this budget is spent, we ran a Community Voting process. 

Would you prefer more public seating? Or a basketball court in the local park? The funds available are small – but this represents a great opportunity to test new ways of involving the community in council decision-making.

Community Voting has finished for 2017. You can read about the 2017 round here. Our office will run another Community Voting process in 2018. Click here find more about the general  process 

Creating more public green space in 4101

The suburbs of West End, South Brisbane and Highgate Hill don’t currently have enough useable public green space to support their existing populations (and these areas are still growing rapidly). Public spaces located in close proximity to residential areas and commercial hubs are of immense value to inner-city communities – the biggest challenge is to find the land (or the money to buy the land).

An extremely dedicated group of local residents have put in many hours of unpaid work to produce a comprehensive green space strategy for the 4101 peninsula. The strategy identifies existing under-utilised council-owned and government-owned land than can be re-purposed as green space at little cost to ratepayers. .

Click the images on the right to view a brief summary of the strategy. The full 49-page document can be viewed here. As with all our policies and local initiatives, we welcome further community feedback on these ideas.

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