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Streets for People

Here's a zine we produced to help explain our ideas for how transport in Brisbane can and should become healthier, cheaper and more sustainable.

(You might also be interested in this recent article which highlights how different cities around the world are responding to the recent COVID-19 shutdown by creating more space for walking and cycling.)

Sources and Further Info:

Streets for People (pg 1):

Another Brisbane is possible (pg 2-3):

Yuggera & Turrbal country under settler-colonial occupation (pg 4):

Welcome to traffic congestion (pg 5):

Forced into car dependence (pg 6-7):

Widening roads destroys neighbourhoods (pg 8-9):

Widening roads creates congestion (pg 10):

Transport usage follows investment (pg 11):

Brisbane streets are incomplete (pg 12-13):

Paving Paradise (pg 14):

Walkable Neighbourhoods (pg 15):

(Simple) solutions (pg 16-17):

Prioritising space-efficient transport (pg 18):

Making space for cycling (pg 19):

Prioritising Pedestrians (pg 20-21):

Public transport where you can "rock up and go" (pg 22-23):

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