Streets for People

Sources and Further Info:

Streets for People (pg 1):

Another Brisbane is possible (pg 2-3):

Yuggera & Turrbal country under settler-colonial occupation (pg 4):

Welcome to traffic congestion (pg 5):

Forced into car dependence (pg 6-7):

Widening roads destroys neighbourhoods (pg 8-9):

Widening roads creates congestion (pg 10):

Transport usage follows investment (pg 11):

Brisbane streets are incomplete (pg 12-13):

Paving Paradise (pg 14):

Walkable Neighbourhoods (pg 15):

(Simple) solutions (pg 16-17):

Prioritising space-efficient transport (pg 18):

Making space for cycling (pg 19):

Prioritising Pedestrians (pg 20-21):

Public transport where you can "rock up and go" (pg 22-23):