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Thoughts on Organisational Responses to Complaints of Sexual Abuse and Rape

There’s been a decent amount of media coverage about the fact that the NSW Greens did a way-less-than-ideal job of responding to concerns and complaints that a younger male member of the party had raped/sexually assaulted one or more women.

I must admit that my initial reaction was to think “oh that’s for the NSW Greens to worry about – I don’t need to get involved in that.” I naively assumed that the Greens would have robust and accessible processes for dealing with these sorts of complaints, and I probably should have asked more questions about this when it first surfaced. As a younger guy who now holds a modicum of power and influence within the Greens I'm learning that it’s quite important that I give voice to the fact that progressive movements are not immune to instances of gendered violence and sexual abuse, and it’s particularly important for men to use their privilege to call out this stuff even when it might be easier to let someone else worry about it.


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Opening up to alternative perspectives about 26 January

Sometime between 18 and 20 January, 1788, a fleet of 11 ships Captained by Arthur Phillip arrived uninvited at Botany Bay. They didn’t like the spot, so a few days later they left again, and hopped over to Port Jackson, arriving on 26 January and establishing a disruptive and expansionist colony without the permission of the people who already lived there.

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