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Can you help us build community power and organise direct actions to transform Brisbane politics?

Jonathan Sriranganathan is running for mayor, and we want to help him and a bunch of other Greens candidates win control of the city council so we can get some serious community-driven action on issues like transport, housing, and global warming. But more importantly, we want to fundamentally transform the entire system from the bottom up.

We want to use the election campaign as a platform to inject radical ideas into mainstream debate, experiment with creative new campaign tactics, train up more activists and strengthen connections between different community projects and groups across the city.

The coming 2024 elections will be the biggest city council campaign the Greens have ever organised. But unlike state and federal campaigns, our budget is much smaller, and we’ll be relying on volunteers not just for doorknocking and leafletting, but for almost every aspect of campaign organising.

To bring our vision for a connected, community-oriented, climate-resilient Brisbane to life, changing who’s in charge won’t be enough. We need to challenge the systems and institutions our politicians work within.

We’re building a powerful grassroots movement of residents who can fight for positive change, and directly resist the State if the political establishment tries to suppress our community’s vision and impose its own.

A better world is possible. We can build that future, and we need people from all walks of life and all skillsets to do it. Whether you’re a seasoned activist or having political conversations for the first time; an accomplished artist or a behind-the-scenes tech wiz; a people-coordinator or a helping hand on event days - we need you.

Sign up to get involved with our movement for a more radical, equitable, sustainable, democratic city, and one of our organisers will be in touch to discuss the ways you can make a difference.

We are keen to think more deeply about how our approach to managing volunteers can be as empowering and ethical as possible, without exploiting or wasting people’s time. You can read more about our volunteering philosophy here.

Will you volunteer?