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Sign up to host a free yard sign

There’s something undeniably weird about the election campaign tactic of putting up signs with a candidate’s name and face on them, but surprisingly, it can have a big impact in boosting name recognition and swinging votes.

When residents are so passionate about supporting a candidate/party that they’re willing to put up a sign in front of their home, this sends a message to everyone else in their community that they should consider voting Greens too.

Election signs can be installed four weeks before voting begins (for the 2024 Brisbane City Council election, this will be early February). You don’t need your landlord’s permission to host a sign in your front yard/fence/balcony railing, and apartment block body corporates technically can’t stop you hosting a sign either (although some might try).

If you’d like to host a sign with Jonno’s face on it, add your details to this form and we’ll be in touch early in the new year. We’ll also pass your contact details onto the local Greens campaign in your area, so that you can host a sign for the local ward candidate too.

Printing signs from recycled material is getting more expensive, so if you can help us cover costs by chipping in $10, that would be greatly appreciated, but no pressure. After you sign up on this page, you'll be taken to another page where you can make an optional donation to help us pay for materials, but if you can't afford to donate anything, that's totally fine - we're just grateful that you're happy to host a sign for us!