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Community Campaign Zine

Submissions now open!

Reimagine the city. 

Make your vision for the future of Meanjin a part of Brisbane Greens 2024 Mayoral Campaign. We are now accepting submissions from the community to contribute to a unique, creative and collaborative zine that celebrates all our different hopes, dreams and visions. 

From the very beginning, this campaign for Brisbane City Council has sought to transform unjust, oppressive systems across our city and experiment with different forms of campaigning that challenges the hierarchical and centralised nature of electoral politics. In other words, this campaign values prioritising the community's guidance on the messaging and ideas that will affect them. 

Submissions will be compiled into a zine that gets shared with voters across the city via Greens stalls at markets and campaign events. We’ll be slapping a small Greens logo on the front cover, but we don’t want this to look like campaign propaganda – we want it to be a beautiful, anarchic, DIY, unfiltered expression of the hopes and values of the communities we’re built by and embedded in.


  • We don’t want to censor anyone’s creative output, but if we receive submissions that are completely antithetical to Greens values (e.g. that are racist/transphobic/classist/anti-ecological) we reserve the right to leave them out.
  • We don’t want to be too prescriptive, but basically we’re looking for zine page submissions that respond to one or both of the following questions…
    • What’s your vision for the future of our city?
    • What kinds of changes do you hope will happen in our community/city?

If we get heaps more submissions than we can fit in a printed zine, we will prioritise the most thought-provoking and artistically interesting ones for the printed version, but all submissions will still go up on our website.

If you're interested in making a submission, follow the instructions and prompts on this Google Form. Enter your details and upload a jpeg or png file of your creation. We prefer submissions of a single A5 page in portrait orientation (but landscape is fine too), and we will probably include one or two double-A5 spreads if they’re really good. The deadline for submissions is November 1st. 

If you have any questions about this project, you can email [email protected]

Happy creating!