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Media Release: A New Ferry Terminal for West End

Greens commit to a long-awaited citycat terminal for West End’s high-density neighbourhood

The Greens are today announcing a Brisbane City Council election commitment to deliver a new citycat terminal for the western side of West End in the coming 4-year council term.

The citycat terminal has been identified for delivery in the South Brisbane Riverside Neighbourhood Plan since 2011, based on advice from Council planning experts and pressure from the community. It was proposed to help cater for new development along the West End riverfront, but the LNP Council administration has repeatedly delayed the project.

The Greens have suggested that the best location for the terminal is along Riverside Drive in the vicinity of Victoria Street or Beesley Street, but acknowledged there may also be a case for locating it slightly closer to Davies Park if possible.

Since the citycat terminal was first promised by the LNP in 2011, West End’s population has increased from 8000 to over 16 000 residents, with no significant investment in new public transport infrastructure to help cater for major development on the western side of Montague Road. The terminal is also intended to serve workers who travel from other parts of the city to work in West End’s many offices and workshops, and to connect to major weekend destinations like the Davies Park markets.

Construction is estimated to cost between $10 and $15 million, with the money to come out of the council’s rolling budget allocation for new ferry terminals. The terminal could include public toilet facilities and other amenities to help activate the neighbouring riverside parkland.

The council allocates funding to ferry terminal construction each year, and is currently rebuilding the Dockside and Mowbray Park terminals. Recently, the LNP administration prioritised a new terminal at Howard Smith Wharves ahead of West End, after a deal was struck with the developers of that precinct. The Greens say West End should be next on the list.

The Greens are also still calling for a new footbridge between West End and Toowong, but the projects serve different purposes and we’re pragmatic about rising construction costs, so we think the citycat terminal should be delivered first.

The Greens will be holding a public meeting about the ferry terminal in West End’s Davies Park from 9:30am on Saturday, 2 March. Details at


Comments attributable to Jonathan Sriranganathan, Greens candidate for mayor of Brisbane

“Back in 2011, the LNP promised residents this citycat terminal to support major development along Montague Rd, but 13 years later it still hasn’t been constructed.”

“It looked very dodgy when the LNP administration decided a couple of years ago to prioritise a new terminal at Howard Smith Wharves for their well-connected developer mates ahead of West End.”

“The western side of West End is one of the most densely populated neighbourhoods in Queensland, but the suburb is also a major employment hub, with thousands of people travelling into the peninsula each day for work and recreation.”

“We’ll be working closely with local councillor Trina Massey and State MP Amy MacMahon to consult with residents about the design details and construction process.”

“Montague Road, Vulture Street and Dornoch Terrace are all very heavily congested on both weekdays and Saturdays. Both Labor and the Liberals want significantly more development in the area, but without the infrastructure and services to cater for the growing population.”

“There are many more ferry terminals along the north bank of the river, and a big gap between terminals on the southern side.”

“Unfortunately buses still get stuck in general traffic, but a new stop for citycats will help reduce congestion on Montague Road, Coronation Drive and the major cross-river bridges by giving commuters a river-based public transport alternative.”

“Residents have been waiting too long for this. It’s time to get it done.”

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