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Interviews and Podcasts

The mainstream media doesn’t usually allow us to go into detail on the important issues affecting our community, so we've started our own podcast called Reimagining the City. You can listen to it here or watch it on Youtube here.

Over the years, Jonathan has also agreed to longer-form in-depth interviews on a range of topics, which you can find via the links below. (Please note the dates of the interviews, and remember that a lot can change in a few years, so Jonno’s views and policies on some issues might have shifted a bit over time.)

Jonathan is happy to make time to speak on podcasts that already have an established audience, particularly on topics that haven’t been covered much in the past or where the political landscape might have changed recently.

Get in touch by emailing [email protected] or calling 3357 8458 to arrange an interview time.


ABC Radio Interview, 18th January, 2024

5 minutes

Jonno speaks with ABC radio about the Greens' proposal to phase out pokies from Brisbane City Council venues and instead support more live music and performing arts in the burbs.


Woodford Folk Festival, 31st December, 2023

1 hour

Jonno presents on how we may be overlooking the transformative, radical potential of local government.


ABC Radio Interview, 6th November, 2023

10 mins

Jonno speaks with ABC radio about the spending of $3 billion to demolish the Gabba Stadium and build a new athletics stadium in its place.


ABC Radio Interview, 6th November, 2023

9 mins

Jonno speaks with ABC radio regarding the Greens proposal for rent freezes in Brisbane.


ABC Radio Interview, 30th August, 2023

12 mins

Jonno speaks with ABC radio regarding the Greens proposal to shut down Eagle Farm racecourse and replace it with medium-density public housing, community facilities and 25 hectares of public green space.


Brisbane Free University - A concrete wasteland in the heart of the city

Brisbane Free University, 26 May, 2023

10 mins 

Jonno speaks with Anna Carlson about the design of King George Square and the car park beneath it as part of a series of conversations connected to Georgia Haywood's Forms of Assembly project for the Brisbane Art and Design Festival.


Brisbane Free University - Mushroom farms, nightclubs and free universities

Brisbane Free University, 26 May, 2023

16 mins

Jonno speaks with Anna Carlson from BFU about the political values that shape the prioritisation of inner-city space for carparking, the criminalisation of people who sleep in their cars, and the alternative futures we can imagine for urban carparks (this is another discussion that was produced as part of Georgia Haywood's Forms of Assembly project for the Brisbane Art and Design Festival).


Interview with Green Left - Local government, capitalism and social change

Alex Bainbridge, 24 April, 2023

49 mins 

Jonno reflects on his 7 years in office as a city Councillor, the importance of local government, and how practical positive change happens in society.


Let's Talk - Black Politics on Triple A Murri Radio

Chelsea Watego and David Singh, 13 April, 2023

30 mins 

In a wide-ranging and critical conversation, Chelsea, David & Jonno talk through the political lessons learned in the 7 years that Jonno has spent on the Brisbane City Council. They think together about the challenge of holding your line; the grind of being a “lone voice” in a violent institution; and the price paid for uncompromising solidarity. And they reflect on what it means to reckon with complicity; to stay grounded in communities of accountability and critique; and to know when it’s time to step back, to rest, and re-strategise.


Sound of Solidarity - Why I stand with Lidia Thorpe

David Glanz, Oct 28 2022

40 mins 

Jonno talks about why Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe is being hounded by the establishment. He discusses the hypocrisy behind the attacks and why everyone on the left should stand with Lidia Thorpe. Jonno's blog post on the subject can be found here.


3CR Community Radio - Active transport infrastructure and the February 2022 floods

Chris, March 28 2022

18 mins (interview at 06:50)


Radio Chakaameh - Interview: Jonathan Sri; Green Councillor for the Gabba

Wilma Burton, Sep 08 2021

33 mins

Jonno shares how he got into politics, why he decided to live on a house-boat, highlighting the challenges with housing in Australia as a renter. He addresses how government's one size fits all approach to policy making disadvantages small businesses, touches on his advocacy for separated bike lanes, shares considerations about the Green bridges, the Ferry network and his position on the 2032 Olympic games. Finally he outlines what he thinks his three major achievements have been over his time in BCC and where he wants to direct his energy from there.


That's My Cup Of Tea - EP03

Suzanne Misso, Aug 24 2021

22 mins

Jonno shares a cup of Srilankan tea on his house boat, and discusses if Australia could taste sweeter. They take a deep dive into his story growing up in Brisbane, his quest for equality and justice, and his pathway to finding his identity as he champions his vision of an authentically multicultural Australia.


A Conversation with Cr Jonno Sri 

Rylee Griffin, Aug 03 2021 

34 mins

Representing The Gabba ward, Jonno has involved himself heavily in grassroots activism and built an impressive platform that reaches thousands both locally and nationally. We discuss his origin story, authenticity in politics, and the role young people have in the future of politics and advocacy.


Jacob & Phuong, Jul 26 2021 

10 mins (interview at 1:03:00)

Jacob discusses the social and environmental externalities of Brisbane hosting the 2032 Olympics with Jonathan Sri, a Greens Councillor for the Gabba Ward at Brisbane City Council.


The Weekly Cheek - Jonno Sri on housing, diversity in the Greens & activist burnout

Kristin Perissinotto & Hannah Ferguson, Apr 22 2021

54 mins

This podcast discusses housing, renters rights, the ethics of owning an investment property, and the lack of diversity in mainstream politics. Jonno talks about the power of collective action, and shares his thoughts on term limits for politicians and how the job has changed him.


Copy That! - The Power of Language w/ Councillor Jonathan Sri

Chilli D (aka Marta Abraha), Mar 30 2021

23 mins

In this podcast, Jonno discusses their early career and life in Brisbane, what multiculturalism means, and how we can make this city more inclusive.


Brutalist Podcast - Jonathan Sri - Why Density?

Rory Pope & Bram Chapman, Feb 25 2021

57 mins

This conversation centres on Jonno's focus on making Brisbane more sustainable, equitable and democratic, and addressing the negative impacts of gentrification and speculative property investment. He discusses unsustainable, profit-oriented over-development, and how residents should have more say over how their city changes and evolves.


Let's Talk 98.9FM 

Dan Rennie, Nov 06 2020

51 mins

Dan Rennie speaks to newly-elected local Greens Member for South Brisbane Amy MacMahon and Councillor Jonathan Sri about the recent election win in the crucial seat of South Brisbane and their plans for the community.


The Music Real - Councillor Jonathan Sri - the Art of Hibernation

Nichola Burton, Oct 23 2020

11 mins

Jonno discusses the impact of the lockdowns on the Creative, Arts and Entertainment industries, government responses, and how the Gabba Ward Office has been trying to support these industries.


BrizzPol - The Big Green Swing with Jonathan Sri

Michael Williams, May 18 2020

17 mins

Michael discusses with Cr Sri about the success of the Greens in the Brisbane 2020 elections, radicalising politics and the possibility of a vacancy levy.


Creating Australia - "Political Activism from the Top" with Councillor Jonathan Sri

Jessica Reynolds, Jul 16 2018

23 mins

In this podcast, Jessica chats with Jonno about his career and the role of politics in the development of the city.


People Who Are Politicians

Matthew Antoniolli, Jun 20 2018

26 mins

People Who Are Politicians is about finding out about people....who happen to be politicians. This podcast interviews Cr Jonathan Sri about his path leading up to him getting elected and what he's up to in council.


3CR Community Radio

Chris, May 07 2018

30 mins

Jonno unpacks the local issues that led to the Vulture St cyclist die-in, background to "die-ins" as an advocacy tactic, and his explanation for the recent Brisbane protests: Are Controversial Road Safety Protests Helpful?