Greening the Gabba Ward & Improving Food Resilience

We’ve been using office resources and our grants budget to support a range of local community projects as a response to climate change, the pandemic shutdown, and other crises that undermine secure access to nutritious food.


Seedlings Hubs

We have supported 3 seedling hubs around the Gabba Ward where residents can swap locally-germinated seedlings and seeds without having to go through big commercial plant suppliers. These seedling hubs have been set up by residents in West End and Highgate Hill.

Community seedling hubs are spaces where residents can source and swap seedlings, seeds & cuttings.

Germinating and swapping heirloom plant varieties helps preserve genetic diversity and prevents the homogenisation and monopolisation of seed stock by big companies that patent seed species for profit.

In times of crisis, it's important to network with other people who live nearby and also foster a connection to plants and growing our own food.

There are three publicly accessible hubs in the Gabba Ward so far:
- Corner of Crowther & Victoria St, West End
- 15 Gertrude St, Highgate Hill
- Rosebery St, Highgate Hill 

Seedling hubs are spaces for sharing and connecting. Seedlings are free, but everyone is encouraged to bring their excess to share with those around them!

Label any plants you bring along and please return pots and labels so we can minimise costs and keep putting plants out!

Everyone's welcome to come and participate! (Facebook page available at this link: Community Seedling Hubs - Brisbane)

Verge Gardening

We’ve also partnered with Jane St Community Garden to plant dozens of free fruit trees and edible plants along local streets.

We'll be updating this page soon with photos from our successful verge planting day on 30 May.


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Urban Farming

New urban farming projects have been established on Boundary St (southern end) and the Dutton Park hilltop (near the basketball court). If you'd like to volunteer with either of these projects but you're having trouble tracking down the organisers, send my office an email and we'll put you in touch!

West End organisation boosting food security in the pandemic

A West End organisation is working to boost food security during the pandemic. Ruby Thorburn and Alice Wicks are planting vegetables on unused state government land to give to those in need. Find out more: #7NEWS

Posted by 7NEWS Brisbane on Saturday, May 2, 2020



Community Composting

We’re supporting residents to set up new communal compost hubs to divert more waste from landfill. We’re also lobbying council to introduce a citywide rebate scheme for compost bins and worm farms.

We already have about 16 households in the Gabba Ward open to receiving food scraps. We have just surveyed them all and they are really happy with the ShareWaste system, but they need more people delivering their food scraps. So get on the website and register.

Our office is now supporting more households willing to have a compost listed on the Sharewaste website. Your food scraps collector should be easily accessible in a front yard so neighbours can easily drop off their scraps whenever they want.

To set up a compost hub, we can support you with vouchers for free compost bins. Simply email our office on

Once your compost system is set up, you can register with ShareWaste. Your address is only given out by you individually to neighbours who message you directly through the site - so you can control how many people are delivering food scraps.

If you don't have space to compost at home but you have food waste that you don't want to sent to landfill, just go to the Sharewaste website to register and send a message to your closest composter. They'll give you their address and info.

BCC are also providing free kitchen compost tubs to collect your food scraps at home. We have them available in The Gabba Ward office now. Just jump online and register for one via this link. (The council registration system is only set up for larger composting hubs, but we only have one in our Ward  - West End - Jane St Community Garden - so when you register via the website, just indicate that Jane St is where you will be dropping off your scraps. You'll be right to use it as part of the ShareWaste program at any of the other small compost hubs.)