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How to vote for the Greens

In the Brisbane City Council election on 16 March, 2024, voters will be asked to fill out two ballot papers, one for your local ward councillor, and one for the Lord Mayor.

We're encouraging residents to vote 1 Greens, number every box and put the LNP last.

At this link, you can find our recommendations on how to fill out your ballot paper for every ward in Brisbane. This is just our suggestion; voters can number the boxes in whatever order you choose, however we do encourage you to number every box to make sure your vote has maximum impact.

Here's what our Gabba ward how-to-vote card looks like.

This is an image of the Greens how to vote card for The Gabba Ward. In voting for the local Councillor, vote 1 for Trina Massey for The Greens, vote 2 for Rebecca McIntosh for the ALP, and vote 3 for Laura Wong for the LNP. For the Mayoral ballot, vote 1 for Jonathan Sriranganathan for The Greens, vote 2 for Clive Brazier of the Legalise Cannabis Queensland party, vote 3 for Tracey Price of the ALP, vote 4 for independent Bruce Tanti, vote 5 for independent Gilbert Holmes, and vote 6 for Adrian Schrinner of the LNP.

We will soon have a website that lists our how-to-vote cards for every ward, but for now check out our full absentee ballot to find our recommended preferencing for your ward.

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