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Media Release: Instead of Adani - Residents stage peaceful sit-in calling for alternatives to the Adani Carmichael Coal Mine

20 November, 2017

Residents will hold a rally and temporary sit-in in Brisbane’s CBD this Tuesday evening to protest the major parties’ backing of the Adani Carmichael Coal Mine, calling on the State Government to explore alternatives to support regional communities without relying on a boom-bust coal industry.

Participants want the State Government to cancel Adani’s mining license on the basis of the company’s shocking track record of corruption, worker exploitation and proven failure to comply with environmental safeguards.

They’ve also called on Labor, the LNP and all other parties contesting the election to back the Wangan and Jagalingou traditional owners’ opposition to the mine on their land.

Rocky Henry of Stop Adani Brisbane says the mine can’t go ahead without State Government support. “Thousands of Queenslanders are concerned about this mine and will continue to protest against it, regardless of who wins the election this weekend. This project doesn’t stack up economically, and recent court hearings have shown that the company’s job creation figures are wildly inflated.”

Greens candidate for South Brisbane, Amy MacMahon, will tell attendees that “Adani represents everything that is wrong with our political system. While Queenslanders are struggling with stagnant wages, unaffordable housing and a critical shortage of public infrastructure, Labor are giving Adani a $300 million tax break and the LNP are also backing a $1 billion taxpayer loan.” 

“The major parties have presented us with a false choice between accelerating catastrophic climate change, or economic recession in the regions. But we know it’s possible to create sustainable jobs and ensure all Queenslanders have a high standard of living without relying on a boom-bust industry that’s in long-term decline,” she said.

Ben Ely of Brisbane band Regurgitator will open the rally with a solo set. Regurgitator has issued a public statement saying “You’d think by now with all the information at hand about the glaring concerns with climate, land and the reef, the powers that be would have risen to the challenge and buried this massive mistake.”

Gabba Ward Councillor Jonathan Sri says he intends to proceed with the temporary sit-in even if BCC and the Queensland Police don’t want him to. “Of course the government doesn’t want people protesting against the mine - both the LNP and Labor have received tens of thousands of dollars in political donations from the mining industry. But people have a right to gather in public spaces and exercise their free speech. Queen St Mall is a public space, and it would be extremely undemocratic if council or the State Government tried to prevent us meeting there.”

Rally begins at 5pm on Tuesday, 21 November with Ben Ely playing in King George Square. Speeches from 5:30pm to 6pm in KGS, followed by a temporary sit-in in Queen St Mall.

For interviews with Amy MacMahon, contact 0488 199 015.

For Ben Ely of Regurgitator, contact manager Paul Curtis on [email protected]

To arrange interviews with other speakers, contact Jonathan Sri on 3403 2165.

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