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Call for Applications: Videographer at the Gabba Ward Office

1 day/week role

6 month contract with possibility of extension

$280 per day (standard work day is 8 hours with half-hour lunch break)

Starting in early December (negotiable) but with a break over Christmas


The Gabba Ward Office is seeking a part-time film-maker/motion graphics designer for a 1 day/week role to produce video content for online distribution. At this stage we’re allocating enough money to hire someone for six months, with the possibility of extending further depending on how it goes, and on competing priorities for how we use our limited office budget.

We prefer someone who can work on Wednesdays or Fridays, but we're open to negotiation on this for the right applicant.


Role responsibilities:

  • Film and edit videos that tell stories about local issues and projects
  • Collaborate with Councillor Sri to develop video concepts and scripts to communicate about policies and issues of interest to Brisbane residents
  • Participate in strategic discussions with Councillor Sri and other staff about which stories and projects to prioritise, and develop realistic production schedules to balance quality of content with efficiency of output
  • Produce graphics or simple animations to augment videos
  • Occasional light administrative duties such as taking messages if other staff are temporarily away from their desks


Working 1 day/week, you’d be expected to produce 2 to 3 short videos (1 to 4 minutes in length) per month depending on the complexity of each project. We’re less interested in producing simple face-to-camera update videos (we can do those ourselves), and more excited about making videos which use a range of shots and elements to help tell interesting, thought-provoking stories about the work we’re doing and the ideas we’re advocating.


Desired skills/attributes:

  • Filming and basic directing
  • Video editing
  • Basic motion graphics
  • Sound recording/basic audio mixing
  • Shot-listing/storyboarding
  • Understanding of what video styles and elements tend to travel widely on social media
  • Existing knowledge about the work Councillor Sri does and the issues he focuses on
  • Commitment to social justice, environmentalism, anti-imperialism and our core office values


Most importantly, we’re keen for someone who enjoys thinking laterally and getting creative about how to present and celebrate the work our office is doing and the policy ideas we’re advocating.

You’d be expected to structure film shoots around Councillor Sri’s tight schedule, and produce content reasonably quickly. Efficient workflow and a willingness to take risks and experiment with unconventional storytelling approaches is a plus.

Examples of the kind of content we’ve paid film-makers to produce in the past…

Does Brisbane need a vacancy levy?


Crowther St Verge Planting

We’re particularly interested in finding someone who can also add basic animations or motion graphics to their videos to help explain and illustrate policy ideas, but you should still apply even if you don’t have this skill set.


Employment arrangements

This role would suit a film-maker who is seeking to balance study, creative projects and other contract work commitments, and wants a steady income stream on the side.


Based out of the Gabba Ward Office on Annerley Road in Woolloongabba, you’d be expected to come in one day per week, however the time commitment is flexible, and we’re open to negotiating a roster where you come in for two half-days, or work half a day at the office and half a day from home. When filming videos about local projects or events the Gabba Ward Office is supporting, it may sometimes be necessary to work for half a day on a weekend rather than on the usual weekday. We’re also very open to negotiate how we can accommodate exam timetables or other film shoot schedules (for example, working three or four days in a row, then taking a few weeks off).



Our office has a Nikon D5500, tripod and lapel mic, but we anticipate most film-makers will prefer to use their own equipment/software.


How to apply

Interested applicants should email [email protected] with ‘Video producer application’ in the subject line. Please include:

  1. Links to at least three samples of videos you have previously filmed/animated/edited (public weblinks or private links to cloud storage folders are both fine) - please be clear about what your specific role was in producing the videos you’re presenting as samples
  2. Resume including phone numbers for two referees (short resume of up to two pages is preferred)
  3. Cover letter (maximum 600 words - you can just type it in the body of your email if you like)


Your cover letter should:

  • Outline your ability and experience in producing complete video projects by yourself (as opposed to projects where you worked on one element of a film as part of a larger team)
  • Reflect realistically on how long it might take you to film and edit a short video like the Crowther Street verge planting example listed above
  • If possible, highlight any specific knowledge or insights you have about the types of stories and issues the Gabba Ward Office should be focussing on
  • Show that you’re thinking creatively about how we can make video content about local issues that’s as engaging and thought-provoking as possible within limited time constraints
  • Demonstrate a high standard of written communication (no need to be too formal, but please at least proof-read it before you send it to us)

Applications close at 9am on Monday, 15 November. If you have any questions about the role, please email [email protected] or call 3403 2165.

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