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Safer Streets

The Greens have a detailed plan to dramatically improve safety and convenience for pedestrians, cyclists and scooter riders. We believe pedestrians should be prioritised ahead of all other modes of transport, and that making it easier and safer to walk or ride delivers a range of benefits in terms of health, reduced climate pollution and social connection.


Over the next 4 years, a Greens-led City Council would:


We want to give residents the freedom to choose how they get around Brisbane. Whether it's children walking and cycling to school, or elderly residents walking to the park or local shops, we want to make it safe and easy for everybody to move through our communities, even if they can't drive.

We would pay for these local infrastructure upgrades by reallocating money from wasteful road widening projects, and by making developers pay their fair share.

For more detail, check out our full initiatives about walking, cycling, and creating a green boulevard through the CBD.

If you're interested in some of the underlying philosophy and research behind these policies, you can read more at this link.

(By the way, we've also proposed to hold a public vote on the future of hireable escooters. You can read more about that proposal at this link.)