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Other Issues / Announcements

Brisbane City Council Budget Update - 2020/21

July 08, 2020

Brisbane City Council’s annual budget looks a little different for the 2020/21 financial year, but in many respects, it embodies the same trends and values as previous council budgets. The budget includes a disproportionate...

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Grey Street Park

March 10, 2020

We've had some important wins with the Brisbane Metro project, including convincing council to make sure the new vehicles run on electricity rather than diesel. As I've explained previously, Brisbane Metro isn't perfect, but...

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Short-Term Accommodation in Residential Buildings

January 10, 2020

For several years now, we've been concerned about the growing proportion of residential homes - both apartments and free-standing houses - being converted into short-term accommodation. Increasingly in Queensland, we’re seeing more and more...

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Red Dawn for a New Decade

January 03, 2020

I kicked off 2020 by giving a morning talk at Woodford Folk Festival called ‘A Rough Work-in-Progress Blueprint for Revolution.’ Despite half the festival still being asleep or hungover from NYE celebrations, it was...

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